Bright Academy’s Cleaning Compliance Certification is the process that brings you and your organisation through the numerous Government Guidelines and gets you and your team back to work, safely and will allow you time to get you back to do what you do best.


Our team background is in Cleaning and Infection prevention, facilities management, space planning and facilities operations so we understand what’s expected from businesses in this extremely challenging time and we are well positioned to help you through the process and becoming fully compliant under Government protocols.

3 Step Process Explained

We like to make it easy


Step One

Complete the full audit to discover the gaps in your response plan


Step Two

Complete the work to close all the gaps identified – either using our services or your own team or suplliers.We can give you an acurate cost on us completing this step after the initial audit.


Step Three

Once all the gaps are closed – we conduct your final assessment and issue your compliance certificate.

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